What is tanxperts™ ?

It started as a friendship between two engineers with mutual interest in tanks and has led to found an international company.

tanxperts™ - main purpose is to create a “bridge” to get through toin Europe and the entire World, to merge their common interests and to make sound and reliable work for their Clients.

tanxperts™ - is an international company with two locations, one in Hungary (Tanxperts Hungary Llc.) and the other in The Netherlands (T.I.S.). Both as it werewith a highly trained team, with special and unique knowledge regarding the storage tank service capability and competitive pricing.

Mr. Attila Dömötör , managing director - qualifications

•          VCA - Safety for Operational Supervisors SCC

•          Storage tank qualification as per Hungarian legislation - 11/1994. (III. 25.) IKM

•          EOQ MNB – Quality auditor (EN ISO 9001)

•          Fire protection exam for combustible and flamable liquids, fueling stations

•          TankAssessor™ Certificate of Core Competence - EEMUA 159

•          Mechanical engineer - material technology & quality expert engineer


Mr. Evert Martens, managing director - qualifications

•          API - 653 Above Ground Storage Tank Inspector

•          ASME code for Pressure Piping B31.3 Process Piping

•          Concrete Technology

•          Inspection & Testing Engineer IKT2 to SKO (Dutch Accredit Certification Body)

•          VCA-Vol, Safety for operational managers

•          TankAssessor™ Certificate of Core Competence - EEMUA 159

•          Technical High School. Mechanical engineer

•          Technical School, Electrical