We are capable to supply a wide scale of services for your storage tanks. (for further information please see 'Inspection' and 'Products'

EEMUA and API inspections, inspection when construction of new and used tanks,  or in usage, maintenance/ repair, advice/ consultancy, as such quality control and assurance, to mention only a few.

Our motto is: 'preventing is better than repairing'.

For this purpose 'tanxkirt©' to prevent bottom of above ground vertical, cylindrical storage tanks corrosion caused by rainwater ingress.

Further services:

  • Supervision, and/ or Inspection of storage tanks according to the codes of (EN; EEMUA; RBI) are fully compliant to  all the required industrial standards and guidelines (EEMUA 159, EEMUA 231; EN 14015:2004; API 650; API 653), Remaining life calculations, QA/QC etc.;
  • Provide advice, second opinion, assessment ensuring as per - EEMUA 159; EEMUA 231; JIG; IFQP; ISO 9001:2008; (API 650; API 653) and familiar with most of NDT techniques
  • Supervision, observe and issue the Operational & Quality Manual, procedures, instructions; arrange the operational/ quality audits, investigate and recommend corrective- & preventative actions
  • Flow meter calibration (vary from water; Q > 250l/min) as per Hungarian regulation with an adequate portable standard MASTER gauge as per OIML R117-1 approved by Hungarian Trade and Licencing Office


  1. cost effective, fast data collection, safe & accurate
  2. 3D modelling by scan data, integrated asset / drawing management
  3. Tank analysis: tilting, buckling, verticality, out-of-roundness, etc.


  • Gauge Repeatability & Reproductibility (GR&R),
  • Measurement System Analysis (MSA)
  • FMEA