• QA/ QC & maintenance:

–        EN ISO 9001:2008 (ISO/IEC 17025:2000)

–        EN 14015:2004, BS2654

–        JIG; IATA Fuel Quality Pool (IFQP); MOCQAT

–        EEMUA 159; EEMUA 231

–        flow meter calibration (vary from water; flow rate > 250 l/min) as per Hungarian regulation with an adequate portable standard MASTER gauge as per OIML R117-1 approved by Hungarian Trade and Licencing Office

• Inspection/ expediting:

–       AST inspection & integrity  assessment as per EEMUA 159, EN14015

–      aircraft refueller (bowser) operation, inspection, and maintenance (based on - IATA Fuel Quality Pool/ JIG; Mocqat)

• Different projects as:

–        project leader of fuel farm technical development;

–        feasibility study of train unloading station;

–        feasibility study of bioethanol mixing;

–        project launch management of the first aluminium Internal Floating Cover installation in Hungary