'tanxkirt©' - Patent pending

The 'tanxkirt©' protects the tank bottom from rain water ingress without excluding the possibility of any inspection or maintenance.



Principal of 'tanxkirt©' is that rain and/ or drip tightness between the conserved tank wall and aluminum profile is achieved by a high spec sealant.

The advantages of 'tanxkirt©' is one of the most cost effective rainwater protection systems on the market.

'tanxkirt©' - patent pending - magyar nyelven


NDT inspection plug & labels - Patented:

    • Reduces time for periodic tests;
    • Cost effective access for periodic inspection at the same time;
    • Superior sealing capability to prevent corosion under insulation (CUI);
    • No special tools, corrugated or elbow surface adapters required;
    • No silicone is required to affect a weather tight, vapor lock seal, and;
    • No exposed elastomer componenet enhances chemical and environmental (UV) resistance and product service life.
    • Available in 4 sizes

    Easy, reusable and resealable access for nondestructive testing of insulated pipe and equipments.





    NDT konnektor - magyar nyelven


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